The TPP could effect every level of government, from your local council to the decisions of the prime minister not just for years but potentially for many lifetimes to come. For this reason, if you are concerned by the TPP and what it could mean for you, your family and your future we highly recommend that one of the actions you  do is to get in touch with your local councilors.

If you want help approaching your council or are not sure or feel overwhelmed by the task, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will do everything we can to assist you.


Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania

Here is a list of councils who have already passed motions relating to the Trans Pacific Partnership:

Sydney City Council, Willoughby Council, Byron Bay Council, Mount Barker Council, Whitehorse Council, Moreland Council, Yarra Council, Darebin Council, Nillumbik Council.


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I’m concerned that the federal government are negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement in secret, without a satisfactory level of public consultation. All I can find out about the TPP is based on leaked documents and detective work. This is not acceptable. Australia is a democracy, which means that we have the right to know what is done in our name and to have a say.

If the TPP goes ahead, the federal government will be putting at risk our innovative economy, our pristine environment, our health, and the ability to shape our own future.

  • I don’t want foreign investors to be given more rights to buy up Australia, and I don’t think they should be able to sue the Australian government in secretive offshore courts if they claim that new laws have negatively affected their investment. I’m worried that this will make it harder for the government to protect our environment, promote public health and protect the nation’s interest.
  • I don’t want big pharmaceutical companies to be given more powers over our PBS, and I don’t want the availability of affordable generic medicines to be reduced.
  • I don’t want Australia’s copyright laws to be re-written in a way that would restrict internet freedom, restrict access to information, and stifle innovation.
  • I don’t want to pay more for everyday products because parallel imports are banned.
  • I don’t want foreign banks, insurance companies and money traders to be given more powers to challenge laws designed to prevent another financial crisis.
  • I don’t want future Australian governments to have their hands tied — we need them to act in the interests of ordinary Australian’s, not foreign investors and big corporations.

The TPP will have a huge impact on Australians both now and into the future and we want to have a say.

Please present a motion at the next council meeting that will show the people you represent and the government that you support a more transparent negotiation process and a better outcome for Australians than what has been exposed in the leaked negotiation texts. To help you in this I have included a draft motion below for presentation to the council, please feel free to modify or use as is.

I look forward to hearing from you,





It is resolved that Council:

(A) note that:

(i) Australia is in the final months of negotiating the Trans­Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)

with the United States and 10 other Pacific rim countries;

(ii) these negotiations happen in secret and that the public and the Australian Parliament will not

see the contents of the agreement until after it has been signed; and

(iii) the final TPP agreement may have an impact on local government that will not be realised

until after the Agreement is signed;

(B) call on the Trade Minister to release the draft agreement for public consultation and

parliamentary consideration prior to it being agreed to by Cabinet; and

(C) request that the Trade Minister ensure that the agreement does not contain provisions which:

(i) enable a foreign investor to sue governments for damages over policy, laws or regulations at

local, state or national level;

(ii) increase the period for copyright royalties and/or increases restrictions or penalties for

temporary downloads from the internet;

(iii) restrict local government policies which encourage local employment, support local economic

and industry development and encourage good employment practices and initiatives;

(iv) restrict local government policies which encourage good environmental practices and


(v) restrict local government supply and regulation of services or require the commercialisation of

services; and

(vi) prevent local government procurement policy from giving preference to local suppliers.

(D) Will write to the Victorian Premier, Treasurer, Minister for Industry, Minister for Small

Business, Innovation and Trade and the Minister for Climate Change and Water with a copy to all

Parliamentarians, requesting their support for the requests in (B) and (C).

(E) Will include an article in the Council’s newsletter about the issues at stake in the negotiations

for local government due to the negotiations.

(F) Will post this article on the Council website with a link to campaign groups in Australia

including and .

(G) Write a letter of support for the campaign to the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network

and the TPP Unions and Communities Round Table via email to and

(H) Will circulate a copy of this motion to all other Victorian Councils, the Municipal Association of

Victoria and the Victorian Local Governance Association.

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Special thanks to AFTINET for letting the TPP Unions and Communities Round Table use their draft council motion.