Remind the government that they are accountable to the people

We want to use “people power” to educate our government on the subject of the TPP. This is your chance to adopt a local MP or a Senator as well, get them on board and/or make them accountable to their constituents.

We’ve made it as straight forward as we possibly can. Take up the torch, fill out the form opposite and let us know who you’ll be adopting then book an appointment with your local senator. We suggest you take notes during your meeting or phone call as we want all who participate to report back on what they find. After a follow up meeting we will compile a report on the position of the Senator and parties.

Just fill out the form opposite and let us know who you’ll be tackling, give them a call or arrange a meeting and then report back to us with your impressions on the issue. If you are not sure who your senate representative is you can quickly find out here and you can find your local MP here.

Here are some questions to get you started although it if you can come up with more that’s great

  1. What do you know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement?
  2. Do you know that these negotiations are secret and that we will not get to see the agreement until after it is signed?
  3. What is their party’s policy/perspective on TPP?
  4. Do you know the other parties’ policies?
  5. Do you know that under TPP’s “investor-state dispute settlement” (ISDS) provisions foreign investors would have the right to sue Australia in private offshore courts to challenge changes to Australian laws and policies?
  6. Are you aware that major pharmaceutical companies want to use the TPP negotiation process to undermine the PBS’s low cost pharmaceutical buying system in the name of transparency? Will you go in to fight to ensure there are no changes to the PBS?
  7. Did you know that even after years of negotiation that the US has refused to discuss agricultural market access (which is supposedly the main drawcard for Australia)?
  8. Did you know that the US refused to give Australia access to the US market for sugar and only minimal, long term access for dairy in the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement?
  9. Are there any issues that you are concerned about as a senator that you would like information on?
  10. Would you support a motion to make the text of the TPP available to the public?
  11. Will you promote a discussion in your party caucus and invite submitter’s from external experts?
  12. Are you prepared to meet with a group of your constituents who have concerns about these issues?

If there is anything you would like help with in preparation from your phone call or meeting with your senator feel free to email us at and we help you as much as we can.

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